Tuesday, March 19, 2013

A little blogger co-operation....

Now - I have to say - from the start - I feel like the total idiot for not getting the picture - I don't know why I didn't take out my cell phone to take a picture or two - and - my main camera was not in my car today - geeeezzz...talk about Epic Fail!!!  But - I did get to spend some great time - talking - a few soda's (well - he was flying!!!) with the great Cap'n Aux of
Hopefully, I can convince him to share the pictures he took to add to this - but - it's great to meet fellow bloggers/av-geeks and to get a great signed copy of his AWESOME book "The Last Bush Pilots".  For those avid readers - go to Amazon to get this wonderful read!!!

Further edit - well - thanks to the wonderful said Cap'n Aux, some pictures arrived by email today and so I can share a few of said pictures - the pictures are copyright Cap'n Aux.

Firstly, the shots taken from the cockpit approaching Ft Lauderdale - known the those privileged few as "Office Shots".  First - downwind approaching the airport.  The runway that you clearly see, runway 13/31 will be disappearing permanently in May with the expansion of the new south parallel runway 9R/27L.  I will go into the expansion at FLL soon in a separate post.

Then - that most wonderful of views - runway approaches - this one approaching runway 27R from over the ocean - I have to admit - I was watching the flight on Flight Planner and - I was wondering - the length of the final - whether they were actually going to the Bahamas instead of Ft Lauderdale!

Abd - finally - myself and the illustrious Cap'n Aux - with my signed copy of "The Last Bush Pilots" - an ABNA (Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award) nominee!!!  As I said - for those that love a good read - pick this up!!!

Next post in the next few days - the Ft Lauderdale airport expansion - I just need to go and get some shots of part of the new runway :)

Thanks to Capn' Aux for sharing the pictures!


Dave W said...

Hi Mark,

Great set of pics you have here on your blog!

I must say you should hang your head in shame, no camera?? LOL

It comes as no surprise Cappy had one on him!

All the best!

Dave from the UK :)

getjets said...

OH Mark......Not to worry...about no pics ..........you could 'Fail' on an epic scale.......and not EVEN come close.......to my Dumbass moments.....which would knock off.......your poke-a-dot bloomers.....off.......!!!!!!.........I Love the pics.....the Good Cap, sent me to post...on MissTWA......!!!.......Ya'll were Awesome!!!!!!!..........What a shot here of you and that monster A-380........!!!!!!one day.....I'll get to see......before I'm doing 30yrs to life with out the possibility of a 'Window seat'.........
Take Care Mark..........and I will be checking in.......and Thanks so much for your visits as well......!!!........