Sunday, May 31, 2020

Ты говоришь по-русски? (You speak Russian?)

Yes, I speak Russian, well, I speak Russian aircraft.  Over the years, I have managed to catch a fair share of Russian aircraft in my area.  They are always interesting to catch.  My exposure to their wide range of aircraft is limited - I have seen images from trips to Russia, North Korea, etc from photographers that I am very jealous of.  There is still one that I would love to catch - the Antonov AN-225 Mriya that is currently plying the cargo routes with masses of medical cargo - maybe one day.  In the meantime, the few that I have managed to get.

Antonov AN-12 at Miami

Antonov AN-26 at Opa Locka

Antonov AN-124 at Fort Lauderdale

Antonov AN-12 at Opa Locka

Two Antonov AN-12's at Opa Locka

Ilyushin IL-76 at Palm Beach 

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Ilyushin IL-76 at Fort Lauderdale

Saturday, May 23, 2020

Freight Dogs - McDonnell-Douglas MD-11

Of all the freight dogs that ply the airways, I have to say that my second favorite (behind the Boeing 747-8F) is the McDonnell-Douglas MD-11.  I just love the lines of the aircraft and my first exposure to the MD-11 as an aircraft type was my move over from South Africa to the USA back in 1998 when I flew on a Delta passenger version from London-Gatwick to what was then the very busy hub of Cincinnati before flying on to Atlanta.  I just remember how smooth it was to fly in, but how powerful the takeoff was.  Since then, I have tried to get as many MD-11's caught in camera lens as possible, currently the one that I would really like to get is the UPS version (any of my connected friends that can get me a ride???? :) ).  They are becoming a rare breed of bird these days to, and I suspect that I am going to have to make a pilgrimage to Anchorage before long to be able to get them or Louisville and Memphis for the FedEx/UPS hubs.  In the meantime, here are some of the photos I have shot of the freighter versions over the years.

EVA Cargo after landing at Anchorage (my one trip there so far)

World Airways Cargo in full colors powering down the runway  at Miami

World Airways Cargo in hybrid colors lifting the nose wheel at Miami

Western Global plain white version landing at Miami

FedEx approaching Fort Lauderdale

SkyLease Cargo approaching Miami

Martinair after landing at Miami

Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Interesting sights - 2020 - So far.....

As I try to get more up to date on this ... here are the shots that have been interesting for me so far this year.....

Air Transat received their first A321Neos that they started bringing in on a new flight from Vancouver.

After many many frantic searches, I finally managed to get an Air Canada A321 in the new color scheme.

Air Transat also took over some of A321's from Condor easy to tell because of the yellow engines.

Azul has been running their new A330Neo's into FLL - this was the first time for me to catch one.

Another of the Alaska specials that has eluded me for a long long time - Spirit of the Islands came in in wonderful afternoon light.

After catching the Alaska -900 in the veterans scheme, when the -800 was released, I just had to get that too.

United - Star Ware - The Rise of Skywalker - catch of the year - this is the right on Dark Side.

United - Star Ware - The Rise of Skywalker - catch of the year - this is the left or Light Side

With the outbreak of the Covid-19 virus, there was a lot of different repatriation flights to foreign countries that occurred.  The Privileged Style B767-300 came in to take passengers from a cruise ship affect by the virus to England.

I had heard about this Air Key West Partenavia for a long long time, but had never seen it, until the moment I shot this - what a treat.

Saturday, May 9, 2020

Interesting sights - 2019...

Here are the things I saw as interesting shots in 2019.....

Azul started receiving their A320Neo's and part of their new service was a flight from Belem in Brazil to Fort Lauderdale.

The JetBlue A321Neo's (LR) jets started to arrive - I will say I just love these....

Winter the Dolphin - Allegiant has one one of these jets - and - it is a rare catch when you can get it!!

The ever lovely looking United Friendship A320 makes actually quite frequent visits to Fort Lauderdale

The Boston Celtics scheme from JetBlue

And - the Brooklyn Nets scheme from JetBlue - one of only 2 JetBlue aircraft with a different scheme on each side - the other being the JetBlue for Good aircraft

JetBlue introduced a new tail - and - then - there is only one aircraft in the fleet with the new tail .. interesting....

American introduced their "Stand up to Cancer" special scheme on this A321.

Fort Lauderdale closed the north runway for a while to rehab it, and everything came to the south runway.  That allowed for some lovely early morning shots - this time a Delta A321.

Spirit for a short time carried the "Dumbo" scheme on an A321 to promote the movie . and - a short time it was much the the chagrin of my wonderful and late friend Dave.

This was a once off charter that I just managed to be around the airport for - was very happy to get.

Air Transat had two of the A737's from Europe on lease - a lovely color scheme.

The next state special - "Missouri One"

And after many many weeks and months of tracking, etc, I finally managed to get the new Triple Crown -700 series after it had been retired from the -300.

Air Transat also lease nice aircraft for the winter season - this one from Smartwings.

Copa Airlines and their Star Alliance special scheme was a welcome visitor.

Alaska specials - they always are incredible - this one is Pixar Pier.

And then the Toy Story 4 special from Alaska too.

The Sun Country "Tide Pod" scheme - I do kind of like it....

United started rolling out their new color scheme too - this was the first aircraft to carry it.

This also took a very long time to catch - the Special Olympics special scheme from United.

Another of the lovely early morning departures on the south runway when the north runway was closed.

United introduced the "Her Art Here" specials on two Boeing 757's this is San Francisco.

British Airways and their B777-200ER's would eventually pull out of Fort Lauderdale unfortunately, again, this was in the summer when the north runway was closed, and the light on the south runway was just perfect.

My wife and my son went to Spain for Spring Break - this was their arrival back from that trip on a Norwegian Dreamliner -9.

Again, always lovely the have the Air Force in town.

A unique Cessna 208 private cargo aircraft...

There are a couple of these Conviasa CRJ-700's around Fort Lauderdale - they were seized for non-payment of bills and now sit wasting away around the airport.

Always lovely to get a classic DC-9-15 - this cargo version visited a few times for hurricane relief.

The ever-lovely looking JetBlue Blueprint special E190. 

After getting the Embraer E170-E2 demonstrator the previous year, it was wonderful to get the E190-E2 version.

Devastating hurricanes in the Bahamas brought all kinds of different aircraft to Fort Lauderdale to bring in relief supplies - this Delta MD-80 was one of them.

Silver Airways painted up two of their Saab SF340's for minor league baseball teams around Florida - this one the Pensacola Blue Wahoos.

Silver also brought out a special honoring servicemen which was lovely to get.

Another of the interesting aircraft that came in for hurricane relief was this Shorts Skyvan from Virginia.

And a lovely T-28 Trojan war bird was a very welcome visitor.