Monday, May 26, 2014

Exciting things on the horizon!!

There are really some exciting things on the horizon - and - some are not aviation related!

This coming Thursday, May 29 has two exciting things happening.

Firstly, my family and I will be heading overseas on vacation.  There will be some exciting aviation articles coming from the trip as well as hopefully some great wildlife pictures courtesy of a rented 200mm-500mm lens :)  So - keep an eye out here for both - hopefully I will have time to post while I am overseas too :)

Secondly, the same Thursday, my readers all need to head over to the awesome blog of my friend Eric "Cap'n Aux" Auxier which can be found here:
Apart from a whole blog of great reading, there will be an announcement about his latest book.  Having seen a preview of the book, I can tell you all that you will all love reading this awesome book from cover to cover!!  I have a little bit to do with part of the book too - I'm happy to say that I was able to provide the cover picture for the book which you can see here.

Something else that has been going on over the past few weeks has been the advent of the new Airport Watch program at Miami International Airport of which I am also a part.  It has taken a couple of years to get to full fruition, but now it is up and running.  There was some great media coverage on the day, and I did an article for about it that you can read on the below link.

I haven't been out to get a lot of shots at Fort Lauderdale recently - a couple that will come in a later post, but the summer heat haze at Fort Lauderdale has been really brutal!

So, not a lot of time spent behind the camera lens, but some fun stuff happening!