Wednesday, September 21, 2011

LAX - Part 4 - United (Continental)

United has the most different color schemes at LAX - from the old gray, to the blue/white to the new Continental merger color scheme - a lot of movements from United too...

LAX - Part 3 - Delta

Some of the Delta movements - it was interesting to see SkyWest still has some CRJ's in the old Delta colors - Delta mainline is completely in the new color scheme.

LAX - Part 2 - American

A lot of American movements at LAX - these are a few of the ones that I took.

Friday, September 16, 2011

LAX Part One

As mentioned a couple of days ago, I managed to spend some wonderful hours at LAX - sitting at the Proud Bird Restaurant on the south side of the airport.

LAX is so totally different to a lot of places that I have been to before - there is so much traffic that I don't normally see and so I took full advantage of it. These are some of the shots that I have edited since I got back - there are many more to come....

Volaris is an airline that I have never seen before - they don't seem to come to the East Coast of the US - so I was happy to get 3 of their aircraft on approach.

While I've seen lots of United jets, their B744's have eluded me - so I was really happy to catch this one - still in the pre-merge (with Continental) colors.

I've seen Turkish Airbuses before - but - never their B773's - so this was a lovely one to catch too..

This private/corporate B762 was one of the highlights of the day - I've never seen or heard of this one before, so to get it in lovely light was a bonus - one of the catches of the day for me.

This Tahiti A340 is another of the catches of the day - I've heard of them - seen others pictures of them - but - never shot it - until now...a really lovely color scheme.

Air New Zealand is another first timer for me. When this B744 came in on the south side of the airport - I had all hopes for the B773 as well - unfortunately - that came in on the north side - well away from me.

This Aeroflot A332 is another first timer for me - soon after this came in - the famous LA marine layer came in with clouds - bringing an end to the spotting day - but - what a great day it was.

More will come as I edit more and more of the 500+ shots from that day - concentrating more on the local airlines....

A lot of time spent behind the camera lens....

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Watch this space.......

I'm about to enjoy my first spotting trip at LAX. I'm going out to Southern California for another reason - but - will be able to enjoy a few hours spotting at a couple of locations close to LAX. So - hopefully - weather permitting (and it looks nice at the moment), there will be some shots here over the next week or so....