Friday, May 28, 2010

Delta B767-322 N127DL

I shot her the other day as an equipment sub for the regular B757 lunchtime flight from Atlanta to Ft Lauderdale. She is one of the few non -ER Boeing 767's that Delta still flies on domestic and the Hawaiian routes. She seems to have suffered an engine issue on Thursday shutting down an engine on take off. If you want to ready first hand about flying one of these, head over to Captain Rand Peck's blog - he is a captain flying for Delta and recently flew a sister B767-322.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

"That" season is approaching.....

For those that live in South Florida, a lot of us know it is the windy season, "that" season, lots of other names (some I couldn't put on a blog either!!), but, to the rest of the country, and the world, it's known as Hurricane Season. It starts in a week or so's time and that's when we all start stock piling water, supplies, etc. This year, there have been the spots on the television telling us of the approaching season, the TV stations running seminars, etc. But, today I finally got wind (excuse the pun) of the impending season - and that is - nothing like seeing a Hurricane Hunter taxiing out at your local airport. Today was the day - I took a little break from work - headed to FLL and as I'm sitting in my car watching the world go by, the sound of propellers (a few of them) can be heard and out on taxiway Charlie comes the WP-3D Orion. First time I have seen one up close and very sharp looking with all the antennae. I have to admire the pilots that fly these into the center of hurricanes - they have to be strong aircraft too!

Today also brought in one of the sharpest BBJ's I've seen in a while - I got to FLL a little too late to catch her landing, but I caught a shot as she came past the customs building. She is registered to a company in Miami - I'll need to look a little more into this....

Last Friday, I was out at FLL for a little while with a friend who was in town for the day - got two shots that I was happy to get. The first is, from the best of my knowledge, the only Saab 2000 in the US. Owned by Hendrick Motorsports, this aircraft had been loaned for relief flights to Haiti shortly after the earthquake there. She came in again today and went to customs, so I'm assuming they might still be doing some flights there and back.

Lastly, I'd seen this on Flightaware, but wasn't sure whether it would land on the left or right runway. We were so happy to see it come on on the left - a NASA T-38 Talon - first time I had seen one of these as well - and a civilian one at that!

FLL is quite hot at the moment - heat haze is quite bad at the moment and so shooting is the best that we can get, but, it's worth it for the ones that I have been getting...

Some more time spent behind the camera lens.