Monday, August 22, 2011

Rain..storms...and ...surprises!!!

Rainy season has struck hard here over the last couple of weeks - the winds have been coming from the west - which means the storms come from the west too - and - that basically shuts down spotting at Ft Lauderdale. Only in the last few days though - has the wind turned, the rain held off for a while and I've finally managed to get out to see what has been happening. Of course, even though the winds are right - the storms are around - they just stay out to the west....

The big surprise today was this little beauty from Canada. I'd seen it once before - but in really terrible cloud and couldn't get a decent shot of it. This time, it nearly caught me by surprise. For those that don't know, the viewing park at Ft Lauderdale has a public scanner that broadcasts the tower frequency. I normally have my own scanner as well, but didn't today. I thought I heard the Air Canada callsign but I saw the grey off in the distance - I thought I must have mistaken it for a Spirit A319. I took my eyes off it for a while - and when I turned again - I saw what it was - it was a frantic scramble to get the camera up .. but I got it and I am very happy!!

Sun Country is still traversing the airways from Jamaica to Ft Lauderdale - substituting for Caribbean Airlines.

Nice to see some classic Southwest colors flying around still.

I added one more...another with the storm in the background

So - now that the weather has turned a little I hope - except for Hurricane Irene this week - I should be able to get more time out and get some more shots.

In the meantime - more time spent behind the camera lens....