Thursday, February 21, 2013

A "Global" Love Affair

Ever since I have been taking aircraft pictures, I've always had an affinity for biz-jets.  Why, I'm not sure, maybe it's the desire to ride in one just to say I have, maybe it's my secret desire to get my CPL and fly one - that's a heck of a bucket list item for sure seeing as I don't even have a PPL at the moment!!

In all of the biz-jets that are around flying the glorious blue skies though, I have one favorite - it goes officially as the Bombardier BD-700 - otherwise known as the Global Express, Global Express XRS, Global 5000 or Global 6000.  I tried to get my thoughts together on why it's my favorite - and there are several reasons, it's very sleek, it's very easy to photography, but there is one reason that just stands out - the pure raw power of this aircraft.  The Rolls Royce engines that power these jets are in a word mesmerizing.  I have stood at Fort Lauderdale International and watched a Global power down the runway and after just 3,500' of runway, watch it climb into the skies and go up like a rocket.  Impressive yes, but, to go back and track the flight and find it is going somewhere foreign like Stanstead Airport near London makes it all the more impressive!  I'd love to be able to get to find out from a pilot of one of these machines if it's the dream to fly that it looks on the ground.

One day, I'd love to take a ride in one of these - the Powerball jackpot has to come my way some way to do it - but - until then, I will continue to photograph them at any opportunity.  Some of the ones I have shot are below - they will always make me have time behind the camera lens....