Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Interesting sights - 2018

A look back at some of the interesting sights that I saw during 2018....

My friend Cary Liao took this original puffin shot, and was instrumental in lobbying Frontier to include "Captain the Puffin" in their fleet.

Air Canada announced their new scheme, and brought  one of the first aircraft painted into FLL.

The Alaska Airways/Virgin America merger and happened, and a lot of people were waiting for the first of the Virgin America Airbuses to be painted into Alaska colors - this was it.

Avianca for a short while had this A320 with Gracias as the title.

JetBlue came out with their Puerto Rica special plane.

Another JetBlue special came out with lots of people giving their volunteer time to assist in JetBlue for Good.

Allegiant for a short time had this A320 in it's old Vuelling color scheme and Allegiant titles.

Air Transat also released a new color scheme, and a special for Kids Club.

Once in a while, Air Transat also still brought in their A330's.

Wamos substituted for  Norwegian while they had the engine servicing issues on their Dreamliners.

The last of the Azul specials that I needed finally arrived in daylight.

The Russians invaded town - relief flights.

First time I had ever shot Sierra Pacific - eventually got their -500 as well after this classic.

SwiftAir with another evolution of a color scheme.

Teneessee One as another of the Southwest state specials.

Soon to be followed by Louisiana One.

Sunwing was the latest of the Canadian charters to utilize this yellow Tui aircraft from Europe.

WestJet started their ULCC Swoop.

WestJet was also flying the Mickey the Sorcerer scheme in a lot. 

Alaska and their Boeing house colors.

What was to become the American Airlines bare metal retro scheme.

United's Star Alliance special made it's rounds a lot too.

This was one that I REALLY wanted to get that year - I tracked it all over - it kept getting substituted out, until one day - the Alaska Veterans special finally came in.

They also came out with a Kevin Durant theme.

As well as the always lovely "More to Love" scheme representing the merger with Virgin America.

The rare gold Atlas passenger B744 bringing in a football team on a charter.

Norwegian started to bring in the -9 Dreamliner.

Always special when the Air Force comes to town.

And the highlight of the year, was the arrival of the Embraer E170-E2 demonstrator known as Profit Hunter - with it's Great White shark nose.

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