Saturday, August 1, 2020

Palm Beach Memories and Fort Lauderdale incl. Arizona One

After weeks and weeks of not being able to get out to FLL, re-editing some old images (a couple of which I will share), I finally went out to FLL this week to get something I have been looking for for ages - Southwest Arizona One as a 737-700, not the old -300 that I got many times.  It is still the dead of summer, and sun angles are still not the best, but I wanted to get out to get this finally after many ill-fated previous attempts, and it was worth it.

But, firstly, I went back to some of my original trips for Lam Beach International (PBI) to look for some stuff that I had never posted before - can't believe they are 13 years ago - US Airways, Delta, Continental, airTran, some memories for sure!!!

And then ta couple from the FLL trip this week, including Arizona One.

Finally... getting time behind the camera lens......

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