Friday, August 20, 2010

A quiet Ft Lauderdale's been HOT HOT HOT!!!

This week has been a very hot week in South Florida - on several occasions I have found the ambient temperature on the dashboard of my car showing 3 digits - highest was 104 degrees and that held for about 10 minutes. So, there haven't been many trips up to the viewing park at Ft Lauderdale this week, but, when I did go, there were a couple of really nice catches!

The one that I have been trying to get for quite a long time in decent light - the two occasions I have been at Ft Lauderdale when Falcons One has been in town - have both been in cloudy conditions. But, this time, I got her in great Ft Lauderdale light and I was very happy with the result.

While listening to the scanner during the second lunchtime visit, I heard a very curt English accent, but couldn't catch the call sign. Only when she got close, did I realize it was a private B738-800/BBJ2 that was using the call sign VQ-BOS. Registered in Bermuda she is listed to Bayham Holdings.

Lunchtimes in Ft Lauderdale seem to have become quieter - not as many movements - sign of the times I guess, but, it did let me on one lunchtime take the scanner off the tower frequency hold and scan the channels. I'm not sure how often this has happened at Ft Lauderdale in the control tower before, but I was privileged to listen to 3 very professional ladies handling the Ft Lauderdale tower north, Ft Lauderdale south and ground frequencies. I know there have been quite a few ladies working over the years at the tower, but I've never heard them at the same time. It's really great to listen to them as they are so professional, but have been at times, quite funny! Great work ladies!!!!

Hopefully this hot weather isn't going to last much longer - in a few weeks time, the Florida fall season will be starting, and hopefully, along with it will come some great light.

In the meantime, some more time spent behind the camera lens......

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