Thursday, September 2, 2010

A quiet week at Ft Lauderdale again...

Things have been really quiet again this week at Ft Lauderdale. The most interesting of movements this week has been the NASA DC-8 that I first introduced a few weeks ago - she has been in and out with Hurricane Earl - that's her job this hurricane season - tracking and getting statistics and information on the hurricanes. As I type this, she is one her way back after a long mission over Hurricane Earl.

However, there have been some fairly strong winds this week which has made for some interesting approaches. This Delta B757-200 made some interesting corrections on approach flying into a 19 knot headwind gusting to 25 knots. This was just at the end of correction before a very smoky touchdown on runway 9L.

Southwest hasn't had many of their special schemes into Ft Lauderdale recently - I was able to get this one - A 737-300 series - Triple Crown is the special scheme. Today, California One came in (I still have to edit the picture) and as I was pulling away from the airport, Southwest Classic, the only mustard brown color scheme left in the fleet came into land.

I used to see these quite a while ago - the Air Canada Jetz aircraft. The Jetz logo'd aircraft usually operate for the charter service of Air Canada and they operate with 64 business class only seats. However, this one, and I saw another one today (with the white fuselage and blue tail) have probably been re-configured for regular travel with the peak travel season from Canada approaching. I must say, I'd love to travel on one of the 64 seaters though - that has to be very comfortable - a'la Privatair overseas with their A319 CJ's and Boeing BBJ's.

There was one pretty rare sight this week - it's unusual to have two Continental Boeing 737-900ER's in at the same time - this week it happened - they followed each other out - the first going to Cleveland and the second to Newark. The nice catch on this, apart from the two -900ER's was the first one being the Continental retro scheme that I introduced quite a while ago.

A freight company that I have not seen before has started flying into Ft Lauderdale - Monarch Air Freight - call sign Freight Dog with some interesting aircraft - the one below is a Beech TC-45J. They also have a Beech 19 and a DC-3 that I saw today, but was too far away to get a shot of.

Hopefully, with the Fall season due to start soon, we will start getting some more interesting special schemes and charters. We can only hope.....

In the meantime, some more time spent behind the camera lens.....

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