Friday, June 11, 2010

Tis a rare Palm Beach

I got home from work early this afternoon to a message from a friend of mine telling me about an Ilyushin IL-76 at Palm Beach International. Russian jets are pretty rare at Palm Beach International, although I have on one other occasion seen an Antonov AN-124 arrive (in the dark of night - so no decent shot could be had). Although the original source said it would leave either Saturday or Sunday, and I will be watching the flight trackers to see if I can get a departure shot, I could not resist jumping in the car quickly to try and get a shot of it while I could. The result is shown below, and I'm glad I got to get this, my first shot of an Ilyushin.

Every time I got to the airport to get some shots, or just to see what is around, I always see this glorious Boeing 727-31 sitting on the ramp blocked either by another plane, a hangar or cars, or anything! While I was on my way home from shooting the Ilyushin, I couldn't resist passing by her to see if she was open - and - to my shock and horror - there she stood in the open - I couldn't resist getting to the shot. To the best of my knowledge, she is owned by billionaire financier Jeffrey Epstein and just seems to sit on the ramp at Palm Beach International all the time - I haven't seen her move in months. Would be nice to catch a take off shot of this beauty sometime though...

Some more (but not a whole lot unfortunately) time spent behind the camera lens

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