Friday, May 28, 2010

Delta B767-322 N127DL

I shot her the other day as an equipment sub for the regular B757 lunchtime flight from Atlanta to Ft Lauderdale. She is one of the few non -ER Boeing 767's that Delta still flies on domestic and the Hawaiian routes. She seems to have suffered an engine issue on Thursday shutting down an engine on take off. If you want to ready first hand about flying one of these, head over to Captain Rand Peck's blog - he is a captain flying for Delta and recently flew a sister B767-322.


Anonymous said...

Nice shot Mark! I flew on sister ship N125DL last summer, ATL-MCO via a stop at TPA for fuel due to holding for T-storms. I think 125 is an ER though as it had come in from somewhere in Europe before we boarded.

Tim G in MN

Anonymous said...

I just looked it up and N125DL is not an ER. Tim G in MN

Paulo Olim said...

Hello friend
Well here comes up the smell of burning rubber!
Great shot I'm pretty!

Paul Olim
Wings Wood

Rand Peck said...

Great shot Mark and thanks for the plug!

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