Sunday, April 5, 2009

Starting the new blog

After reading so many great blogs from people in the aviation industry, I decided it's time to document my amateur aviation photography. Hopefully through this, I'll be able to share spotting and photography trips, experiences and my ever growing collection of pictures on the internet at (shameless self plug:

While I'm based in South Florida (I know - duck - windy season will be here soon!), I do travel for photography trips when I can. My favorite place to visit is New York. I belong to a website that has an incredible group of followers ( and whenever I get to New York, there is always a good crowd of spotters. I have made some very good friends through that site and have learned a whole lot about about photography, editing, etc.

When I'm not travelling, I do all my spotting in South East Florida. I live very close to Palm Beach International Airport (KPBI) and my office is very close to Hollywood/Ft Lauderdale International Airport (KFLL). I also spend some time at Miami International (KMIA) when I can - it's a short drive. During the week, lunch times are quite often spent at the viewing area or on the parking garage of FLL looking for special schemes, interesting shots, etc. Over the weekend, I try to get to PBI whenever I can if there is something interesting - like this weekend, a Miami Air International B734 which was obviously on a charter routing. Flightaware is my friend! :)

So, in the future, I'll try and document my trips, visits, what there is. If any pilots happen to come across times when they've flown into the airports when I've been spotting and I might have a picture, I'm always glad to share! And if any of you are flying into one of my close by airports and would like a shot - let me know and I'll always try to get out there to capture the shot!

I'll also try to post some of the pictures here when I can.

Please come back and visit often! :)

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The Flying Pinto said...

Cool, welcome to the world of blogging! Looking forward to seeing your photography: )