Thursday, April 9, 2009

FLL 4/9/2009

A cold front went through Florida this week - bringing some lovely cool weather (in the 70's) and after a couple of days of not being able to make it out to FLL, this stunning day I could not miss - noon temperature at 76 F and lovely bright light for digital photography. I will say that this, according to a colleague who shoots slides, it only time for digital - he has packed his camera away until September.

Flightaware was my friend today as well - scrolling through the due arrivals showed a Sun Country B737-700 on the board for arrival. This is a rare occurrence for FLL - SCX doesn't get in here too often. It was arriving from Atlantic City (guess it was a gamblers charter) and later went off to Chicago (KORD). I had also received an ACARS alert for the US Airways Pittsburgh Steelers scheme (N733UW) that had arrived and was due out back to DCA arround noon. As I have shot this at PBI (, I wasn't too worried when I drove over the bridge towards the viewing spot and saw it lining up on 9L.

The SCX B737 was great to catch - it is an ex Air Berlin (D-ABBV) and Air Astana (P4-CAS) jet - that hasn't been with SCX for too long. What makes it also a good catch is that it's a very long time since I have seen a -700 series in the US without winglets - the last one I remember is N271LV that went from Ford Motor Corporation to Southwest. I'm sure SCX will add the winglets to it soon, but it's nice to catch it without.

A couple of very nice biz-jets made for a nice day as well - I really love the color scheme of the Legacy - almost like Embraer's demonstration color scheme - and then the Challenger came from Montgomery AL - Colonial Bank.

It's a long weekend for me - no work Good Friday, so maybe over the weekend, weather permitting, I might go out and see what's happening at PBI.


Anonymous said...

Hello Mark,
Thanks for the heads up. Fun reading and good shots.

altstiff said...

Love the Sun Country 737!