Sunday, April 19, 2009

April 19....quiet week

It's really been a quiet week this week past. A couple of days have not even been worth going to Ft Lauderdale at lunchtime because of the weather - there has been a great deal of down weather - clouds - even rain.

One slightly brighter day was Friday. Finally, we were off the westerly ops - back to 9L (pretty much the whole week has been 27R - westerly operations) and so headed up for a quick lunchtime. On getting there, there was one other person with a Canon with a big lens and we struck up a conversation pretty quickly. It turned out to be Mark Taylor from Sydney Spotters group who was in town working in Miami and had taken some time to travel up to Ft Lauderdale. He showed off some of the great pictures from his trip to South America and the US (I think he was heading back to Sydney today on V Australia). It turned out to be a great lunch time talking about locations, cities, and just generally planes. The only real thing of interest was jetBlue's 100th A320 which was departing.

From talking to some people earlier in the week, I wish I'd been at FLL last weekend - there were Southwest special schemes, an Air Canada Star Alliance, Belgian Air Force A310 - a really busy weekend it seems.

This week, hopefully the weather will play along for some lunchtime trips and hopefully some nice sights. In the meantime, the countdown is also on for next weekends trip to New York (leaving on jetBlue 830 at 6am on Saturday morning - anyone with contacts get me a jumpseat trip??? *LOL*...just kidding!!). So far, the AccuWeather forecast looks ok for Saturday (I HAVE to get the Emirates A380 - it will be my last chance at JFK to get it) and not too good for Sunday - but it's a whole week ahead - hopefully it will change for the better!


Rich said...

Great blog! Do you ever go to the spotters car park at PBI?

Mark Lawrence said...

Thanks Rich - yes - I do get out there when I can - on the weekends I'll be on my own or I'll take my son as well for him to run - he does love the planes as well!

5400AirportRdSouth said...

Hi Mark, nice blog, I look forward to more great pics! Hey, I think I caught the same CX bird in CYVR on thrusday from my Fuel Truck.