Saturday, January 19, 2013

KMIA - Miami Ramp Tour 1/18/2013

For almost 30 years now, aviation photographers from all over the world have converged on Miami International for the annual Fotofest.  Originally started as a slide convention where people swapped and sold slides, the digital era has changed that to a presentation and general get together festival.  However, one thing that has always been part of the 4 day festival has been a ramp tour of MIA.  The lucky ones that get on the tour are placed in Miami-Dade Aviation Department buses and transported to different locations all over the airport to take pictures and generally observe the goings on on Miami International airport.  Unfortunately, for the last two years, the weather has been a little less than co-operative, but, thanks to the digital era and photo editing software, we were still able to get some decent shots and here are a few of them I shot

The mighty A380 with it's escort vehicle taxiing for departure.  Because of the A380 being a class 6 aircraft, MIA chooses to escort it to and from the runways to ensure it's safety.

Surinam Airways with it's 50 Year celebratory sticker.

Aero Mexico is a frequent visitor to MIA with it's special color schemes - this time just an advert for Club Premier.

Arkefly with it's Boeing 767-300 from Amsterdam under full reverse thrust on runway 12.

TACA is soon to disappear as an airline - being absorbed into Avianca - but - while it's still around, it's Star Alliance A319 is a welcome sight.

This Fedex Boeing 727 has seen better days.  Originally donated to the George T. Baker Aviation School in Miami, it will never reach there and is stuck next to the Fedex ramp on the north side of the airport.

The weather is not destined to be be good in South Florida for a few days - usually January is prime shooting month, but we all hope it will change soon to allow us to get out for some decent shooting.

In the meantime, more time spent behind the camera lens.....


getjets said...

Hey Mark..........About two years ago..when the first A-380 landed in KMIA....they had a "Live" link......I was at work.......and was 'locked and loaded' to watch.......but with techno.....there was a problem with the 'live' link.....just my effin Aviation heart was and always is in the right place...!!!
just watched after the fact.......on youtube.....!!.....One day..I've Got to see that monster for myself...!!!......What worries me...about the A-380 is the wing spread....and the jarring effects......when it lands.....!!! every watch videos of it landing in slo mo....scary!!....

FalkeEins said... with red flag leads A380 out to runway..AMAZING..!!

always enjoy your're a lucky man indeed