Thursday, January 31, 2013

A Tribute - Soon to disappear....

For those that don't know, within the next couple of months, the airTran Boeing 717's are going to disappear - they will be brought into the Delta fleet as Southwest (the new owners of airTran) have decided the Boeing 717 doesn't fit in their future plans.  So, I thought I would Add my tribute to these amazingly quiet jets.  Over the years, I have have managed to get every one of the airTran Boeing 717's that have been painted in special schemes - some haven't last long - some have been around for ages.  The sports team special schemes were for the local teams of airTran hub cities.

 The Indianapolis Colts

 The Atlanta Falcons

 Harry Potter - a short-lived scheme

 Little Debbie - another short lived scheme

 The Orlando Magic - the last one that I shot - that took AGES to get!

 Mark on airTran - super passenger Mark Malkoff spent 30 days on living on airTran

 Orlando Makes Me Smile - another of the short-lived special schemes

The Baltimore Ravens

The Milwaukee Brewers

I have been very lucky to get them all over the last few years - and - will certainly miss them when they depart the airTran/Southwest fleet - I don't think Delta will plan anything special for them - well - for the moment that is - who knows :)


getjets said...
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getjets said...

I put a comment.....and it published I delete one.......and they both dissapeared.......I hate that.....!!!
not to mention it took me 5 tries to get the "prove your not a robot" Right......thats time I'll never get back!!!!!!!!!
Any way, back to my comment........
Yes, I will miss the "AirTran".....717's how you describe them as the 'quiet Jets'.......:)))).........
and I'd grown very fond of AirTran's.........."little a"....livery too......!!!
Very nice tribute.......indeed!!!
Love your blog......!!!

Take Care........

capnaux said...

As always, Miss TWA has beaten me to the comments...great pics, LOL!

Luvya Miss T! <3