Sunday, January 23, 2011

Two 707's in one hanger......

Part of the 2011 Miami Airline Collectibles Show and Aviation Photography Fest Ramp tour of Miami involved an area on the north side of the field where repairs, painting, etc are done. As YYC Dispatcher had asked on the previous entry on the blog, did we see the Democratic Republic of Congo Boeing 707 - 9Q-CLK - the answer is a definitive YES! Not only that one, but there were two Boeing 707's in the same hanger - the other being N88ZL that I had previously captured at Opa-Locka.

First - here is the Congo Boeing 707 in it's Dreamliner type color scheme. It still has no engines on it, so no idea when it might be flying - I'd love to catch this in the air and landing.

I'd caught this private Boeing 707 - N88ZL - at Opa-Locka before as mentioned above - she now has a new color scheme - unfortunately, she was blocked so a clearer shot wasn't possible, but again, this is going to be another great one to catch in the air, on the ground and landing! I love this new color scheme.

Finally, and this was taken from the bus so excuse the window glare, but these A319's all came from Mexicana when it shut down. So far, there are 4 going to Aerogal (Galapagos) and two going to Brussels Airlines. I couldn't make out who the DC-9 on the end was going to, but it certainly looked interesting!

I've only been to Ft Lauderdale once in the past week - I got a couple of decent things that I'll try to post in the next few days.

In the meantime, more time spent behind the camera lens.


Anonymous said...


Left a message on your email yesterday, N88ZL has departed KMIA for KACY this morning. Could you please email me if you know of anyone who would have got pictures of them departing at 0730 this morning (07-Mar)? Is there a KMIA spotters blog or message board at all?

YYC Dispatcher

Anonymous said...

I saw one of these taking off from KMIA Saturday, Jan 26th. Heard it about 30 seconds before I saw it.